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Governmental organizations of Ukraine opposed new nuclear threats

"The action against the construction of new nuclear units in Ukraine Photo: Greenpeace Ukraine

April 20, 2010, Kyiv. On the eve of 24 anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster public organizations of Ukraine together with representatives of atomic energy held in Kiev a roundtable discussion on the most pressing problems of our nuclear industry - extension of the operation of nuclear reactors and the accumulation of large quantities of radioactive waste.

Members of the public stated that the Government of Ukraine does not overcome the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, creates new nuclear threats. Citizens of Ukraine plans to condemn the government, according to which in 2020 80% of the reactors at the plant will work in terms that exceed the design. These steps only create more danger for the population and environment in Ukraine. In terms of Ukraine's energy security, there is no reason to continue to work physically and morally outdated reactors.

"The best decision in terms of energy security of Ukraine today is the gradual decommissioning of nuclear power dangerous and directing funds expended for its support of energy efficiency in industry and housing, and the development of less expensive energy sources" - says Dmitry Khmara from the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine.

"Last the Law of Ukraine" On making decisions about the design, construction of nuclear installations and facilities ... "With the extension service block required the preparation of such documents as the feasibility study and assessment of environmental impact. And last year the law was changed and now do not need. That is, we did not receive documents justify cost several hundred million dollars to prolong the operation the first unit at Rivne NPP. And all without exception, Ukraine Energy estimates say that investment in energy efficiency at least 4 times more advantageous than any other "energy" projects "- says Olga Lyashchuk, energy program coordinator Ecoclub Rivne.

"The money for the decommissioning of nuclear units to accrue during the entire duration of the block. And every year our Parliament suspends the order and allows you to use your money for, to say nothing to do with removal of units out of service. In other words, do not dismantle the blocks for that. This is another example of strange activities in nuclear power of our parliament and government "- continues to Olga.

"For example Dneprodzerzhinska shows that Ukraine has no financial ability to arrange safe storage of uranium waste, lead effective monitoring compliance with sanitary standards and requirements of environmental regulations on uranium production plants, to comply with measures to protect health of people in settlements located along with increased radiation facilities - said Natalya Vishnevskaya, the official representative of the environmental organization "Voice of Nature" in Kiev. Organization "Voice of Nature" facts disturb large production equipment theft and violations of environmental laws, lack of proposals for the reburial of graves uranium waste who do not have a draft, lack of information on the impact of radioactive waste on the environment and human health.

"Today, there is a safe solution Nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel. Implementation of Ukraine variant "pending decision" and creating a centralized repository for spent nuclear fuel at Chernobyl only exacerbates the situation, translating the issue of future generation that is totally immoral. The only effective solution to the problem of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste - not making them! "- concludes Arthur Denisenko, energy program coordinator of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine.

Dmitry Khmara
National Ecological Centre of Ukraine

Published 20.04.2010
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