On Wednesday, October 23, Dnipridzerzhinsk, at the initiative of the "Voice of Nature" starts the campaign "Let's make a step towards sustainable livestock!"

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Information about activity of The Voice of Nature

1994-1999 Working as local group of Greenpeace Ukraine

  • coordination and organization of information work on streets of Dniprodzerzhinsk;
  • participation in most awareness tours by Ukraine cities ("Water for life", Greenteam bus tour, "10 years ago");
  • organization local environment camp;
  • publish local newsletter and other information materials.

1999 Registration of non-government environment organization "The Voice of Nature" (on donations of inhabitants of Dniprodzerzhinsk).

2000-2001 Campaign on household waste problems:

  • Carry out the project "Concert "For clean city"" (with support from Charles Mott's Fund) with demonstration of slide film and distribution of the information literature about problems household waste;
  • Carry out the project "Information campaign about rubbish problems in Dniprodzerzhinsk" (with support from EU-US Transatlantic CSI Program for Ukraine): information work with local inhabitants on the city streets; inormation literature distribution; gathering of inhabitants signatures under the petition to local authorities to create conditions for waste recycling; lectures with slide show about waste problems at the educational institutions of the city.

June, 2001, Kyiv

  • Coordination of "Stop the global climate change!" action in the city of Kyiv with the Ukrainian NGO Working Group on Climate Change.

October-November, 2001

  • Mounting of windows thermal insulation at the Dniprodzerzinsk kindergarten (Energy saving project with International Energy Brigades and "EcoClub-Rivne" NGO).

September - October, 2002

  • Coordinating public awareness tour "Stop Global Climate Change" organized by the Ukrainian NGO Working Group on Climate Change. The tour's route went through follows Ukrainian cities: Cherkasy, Dniprodzerzhynsk, Donetsk, Enakievo, Artemivsk, Kriviy Rig, Rivne and Khmelnitsky.

The main aim of the tour was to provide the information regarding the important problems of climate change to the general public. Also, the organizers proposed concrete solutions, such as simple actions that could be done by anybody to minimize the impact on the planet's climate.

Info tour results:

  • 5 000 signatures of Ukrainian citizens under the petition to Ukrainian government were gathered. The main demands of this petition are as follows: to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, introduce energy effective technologies, develop renewable energy production and save the existing forests.
  • Citizens were visited on climate change exhibition and distributed info materials about global climate change problem.
  • Environmental organizations have find new supporters to develop and strong public movement in Ukraine.
  • Tour coordinators were invited to hold same actions in other Ukrainian cities.
  • Some new organizations express an intention to join to Ukrainian NGO Climate Change Working Group.

August, 2002

  • Carry out the round tables "Participation of Dniprodzerzhynsk in international climate-saving and energy saving programs" with representatives of local administration, NGOs, business, industry, scientific institutes and state agencies, related on Environmental protection and public health issues.

From December 2002

  • Participation in international educational project on energy saving SPARE to elaborate of educational textbook for Ukrainian schools "Energy saving".


January 29, 2003

  • Organization and realization of a round table " Reduction of emissions of greenhous gases by increase of energyefficiency in system of the centralized heating of Dniprodzerzhynsk city" Result: creation of local coordination council on introduction of energyefficient and climate saving projects in Dnipridzerzhynsk city.

February 28, 2003

  • Participation in the National Conference on climate change issues.

The organizers of the conference: the Climate Change Initiative, theMinistry of environment and natural resources of Ukraine, Ukrainian NGO Working Group on Climate Change (in which enters organization " The Voice of Nature"). The main items of conference:
- Participation of Ukraine in international neegotiation process;
- The fulfilment by Ukraine of the obligations of UN Phrame Convention on climate change iccues;
- The advantages and consequences of ratification by Ukraine of the Kyoto protocol;
- Action plan on climate change issues at national and regional levels.

April, 2003, Kyiv

  • Support of information tour on enerrgy efficient issues of "Ecoclub" NGO. Participation in the street action and press - conferences.

August, 2003

  • Participation in the international environmental camp " Ecotopia 2004 ".

September - December, 2003

  • Preparatory work on the project " Energyefficiency in municipal sector " (assistance to introduction of energyefficient and watersaving technologies in the water sewerage communal sector at a local and regional level)


  • Demonstration of slide lectures about environmental problems at schools, colleges and university of the city of Dniprodzerzhinsk;
  • Spreading environmental information materials among schools and colleges of Dniprodzerzhynsk.