On Wednesday, October 23, Dnipridzerzhinsk, at the initiative of the "Voice of Nature" starts the campaign "Let's make a step towards sustainable livestock!"

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What can you do to not allow the new nuclear reactors building, development of the new nuclear ore fields and nuclear waste accumulation?
  • Write the letter to your deputy in Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) or to the leaders of political parties containing your negative attitude to the purpose of the Cabinet of Ministers to spend budget money to create new nuclear reactors, and also demand to finance firstly the energy-saving technologiesí implementation and renewable energeticsí development;
  • Make a speech at a public meeting in your city against the government plans to new nuclear reactors, demand from the deputies of the countriesí and cityís councils do not allow the new nuclear reactorsí building and the new nuclear ore fieldsí development;
  • Demand from the deputies of the local and region Council to take measures directed at managing the former uranium enterprisesí objects (Dneprodzerzhinsk) to environmentally secure state;
  • Make a financial support to public organizations for actions against new nuclear reactorsí building.

Published 11.07.2008
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