On Wednesday, October 23, Dnipridzerzhinsk, at the initiative of the "Voice of Nature" starts the campaign "Let's make a step towards sustainable livestock!"

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Archive - 2008

From 1 to 12 December in town Poznan' (Poland) the next round of negotiations of representatives of UNO member countries passed on issue of climate change. As early as 1997, in Kyoto (Japan), was signed the agreement according to which the industrially developed countries must shorten the greenhouse gas emission to 2008-2012 for 5% as compared to 1990.

The government of Ukraine as early as 2004 ratified Kyoto Protocol however they do not hurry with performance of obligations.

On the eve of international negotiations in Poland, the wave of campaigns took place organized by public ecological organizations of NECU, “Voice of Nature”, Ecoclub "Ekosfera", “Green World,” Ecoclub “Green wave”, and also by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Published 23.12.2008
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Kyiv, 28 November 2008 - Activists of the public ecological organizations saw off with the flowers and orchestra an official delegation of Ukraine to the international negotiations on climate change. They consider representatives of the government as rescuers who hold the future of the mother Earth.

Published 08.12.2008
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"The climate changes! It’s time to act together!" - under such appeal from 20 to November, 25 in Ukraine the informative tour of the World fund of nature (WWF) passed at active support of Ukrainian public ecological organizations "Voice of Nature" (Dneprodzerzhinsk), "Ekoklub" (Rivne) and "Ekosfera" (Uzhgorod). A tour was conducted with the purpose of informing of citizens about reasons and consequences of change of climate, necessity of decline of emission of hotbed gases in an atmosphere, and also about possibility of every citizen to do the deposit for the decline of emission of hotbed gases.

Published 27.11.2008
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September, 29-30 the training «Raising of climate activity of environmental NGOs» have taken place in Kiev.

Training was initiated by coalition of the public environmental organizations «NGO Working Group on climate change». Environmental organization «The Voice of Nature has coordinated training preparation and conducting.

Published 22.10.2008
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