On Wednesday, October 23, Dnipridzerzhinsk, at the initiative of the "Voice of Nature" starts the campaign "Let's make a step towards sustainable livestock!"

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Campaign name:

“Say NO to New Nuclear Reactors!”

Activity beginning: 2005

Why do we run this campaign?

  • The expectancies of Ukrainian government to build 22 new nuclear reactors and enterprises in field of reprocessing and beneficiated uranium ore, to lead the development of the new uranium ore deposits, to create the nuclear wastes storages;
  • Government unwillingness to take in account the public opinion according to atomic energetics development;
  • Government disability to manage the former uranium enterprises’ objects (Production Association „PCHZ”, Dneprodzerzhinsk) to environmentally secure state;
  • Existence on the territory of Dneprodzerzhinsk of unattended buried radioactive waste;
  • Absence of environmentally secure technologies of radioactive waste utilization and storage.

Campaign aims:

  • To press the government for endorsement with citizens of Ukraine of the all questions concerning with atomic energetics development;
  • Do not allow the building of new nuclear blocks;
  • To initiate an integrated study of Dneprodzerzhinsk city and adjacent territories with the purpose of identification of illegal burials of radioactive waste;
  • The control over state program execution of making the former uranium enterprises objects to environmentally secure state.


The Campaign “Say NO to New Nuclear Reactors!” is managing together with several public organizations namely: National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (ÍÝÖÓ), All-Ukrainian Public Ecological Organization “ÌÀÌÀ-86”, “Eco-Club – Rovno”, Eco-Cultural Centre “Bachmat”, Informational Centre UEA “Green Peace” and DOEO “Golos Prirody”.

What have we done already?


What can you do?

May the 15-th 2008

There were public meetings in Kiev “Ecological Safety in View of Energetics of Ukraine Development”. Ukrainian ecological organizations are worried that in Ukraine the development of energetic strategy had been run without serious scientific and marketing studies. Ultimately, Verkhovna Rada ratificated the document that do not express the national interests, not coordinated with different economics’ sectors and do not consider the international energetic trends.

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