On Wednesday, October 23, Dnipridzerzhinsk, at the initiative of the "Voice of Nature" starts the campaign "Let's make a step towards sustainable livestock!"

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Since September, 1996.


1. Lectures about environmental subjects with slide films demonstration

The lectures are carried out with the purpose to increase a level of students awareness in the environmental issues.

We have 3 slide films

- «Global environmental problems»

- «Problems of household waste»

- «Global climate changes and energysaving»

During the lectures, we spread the environmental information materials among schools and colleges students and teachers.

2. Participation in the joint educational projects

2002-2003 - participation of the teachers of Dniprodzerzhynsk and coordinator of education project of "The Voice of Nature" in the international energysaving project SPARE.
Result: Joint creation of the manual Energysaving for the Ukrainian schools.

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